This Minecraft Mario Mod


This Minecraft Mario Mod

This Minecraft Mario mod transforms the standard mob into Mario series enemies. It's not limited to Nintendo consoles. Official Mario DLC packs have existed, but they were only available for the Nintendo consoles.

RaineyX, a Minecraft YouTuber decided to make the mod after being inspired by the Mario Kart mod we wrote last month. The modders use software to modify the models and then release them back into nature. You can watch their video on the process. You can download the mod by clicking the link in the description.

Although the mod doesn't alter the behavior of affected Minecraft mobs it is still a nice visual effect. It's a great example of how it's easy to play Minecraft as a game if you have the right skills. This is probably why there are so many amazing Minecraft mods. It's a shame Nintendo doesn't appreciate PC gamers more.

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To see the possibilities with Minecraft, you only need to look at the Spellcraft DLC. It's a blank canvas that has so much potential, and you know Nintendo could do even more with it. However, it's unlikely that it will happen anytime soon.