Minecraft Survival-Friendly Builds


Minecraft Survival-Friendly Builds

There are many unknowns when you start a new Minecraft adventure. Will you like the world's seeds? Do you prefer to build near or away from the spawning area? What is the best location to build a base from? No matter what your situation, you will need many decisions when building your base.

You will have very little when you first start out. While everyone loves a high-end wizard castle made of rare materials that would take hours to gather, you can still make some interesting starters (and other catchy structures) with just the basics.

Look no further if you are looking for simple but beautiful builds to settle in these new environments. This list has been updated to include additional entries to provide you with all the building inspiration and building ideas you need to create cool survival Minecraft items.

17 The Modern House

Most Minecraft players prefer traditional wooden homes and medieval-style builds. Sometimes, however, it can be refreshing to have something new and different. Concrete and wool are easy to obtain early in survival.

WiederDude has a great modern build to share with anyone who is interested in a contemporary-styled starter house. It is easy to construct and doesn't require that you build high or use a lot of materials.

16 The Barn

It doesn't matter if you have a house or not, having food is crucial for survival. Although you will need a small area to keep your cows and sheep safe, it is a good idea to make it more attractive. It doesn't take much to build a simple wooden barn.

Folli's barn design uses mostly wood. This is the easiest material to obtain early in the game. You can adjust the size of the barn to suit your needs.

15 The Mountain House

One of the most important aspects of 1.18 was the transformations it brought about in mountain biomes. Living among the taller than ever peaks is appealing. It can be difficult to build a house high up on the tops of or among the tallest hills. This mountain house design by SheepGG is a great resource for beginning builders.

This design doesn't require you to build roofs. You can simply create the space you need for your home without worrying about ceilings or walls. It is mostly made of wood so it is easy and affordable to obtain the materials. It is also one of the most secure homes to live in.

14 An Underground Starter Base

The “cliffs” section of the Caves and Cliffs Update is made up of mountains, but “caves” was the addition of many underground biomes – a new feature to Minecraft. An underground base is a great option if you want to explore as many of these amazing new caverns as possible.

YouTuber Spudetti's design is simple and easy to construct, but it still looks great. It would also be very easy to connect the base with an existing cave network, allowing you take full advantage of these amazing new biomes.

13 Storage Building

Many starter homes are too small and lack space. This is a major problem. As you move along your survival journey, you will accumulate lots of resources and loot. It can be difficult to store all that in a small starter home.

While you are building a larger home, a separate storage facility is a good idea. Folli has a beautiful, attractive design that will meet most of your storage needs. It is easy to set up and costs very little.

12 Underwater Starter Base

If you are looking for something more challenging but still easy to build, why not consider building a home underwater? Because of the beautiful coral biomes and tropical fish, underwater living is a popular option. You don't need a lot of glass or a conduit in order to live underwater.

Folli's underwater home is mostly made of wood. This means that you can build it if you have enough oak and spruce. It even features an enchanting room in its basement that can be upgraded to a level 30-level enchanting space.

11 The Simple Survival House

This beautiful wooden house is easy to build. It will only require stone and wood, which are both readily available. This unique design by Zaypixel, a Youtube user, is amazing and looks better than any other builds.

You can find the complete video explaining the steps here. If you happen to spawn somewhere other than a forest, or in a snowy tundra area, it is best to move on to another place.

10 Forest Bridge

This small bridge is another great creation by Zaypixel. It requires stone, wood and a small amount of iron if lanterns or torches are your preference. This floor is particularly beautiful because it was made from unlit campfires, which is a surprising way of creating a unique wooden pattern.

This bridge is perfectly placed between two riverbanks in biomes with plenty of trees, which facilitate the wood gathering process. This can be built in ten minutes if you have all the materials needed.

9 Redstone Farm

A farm near your base is the best way to have a steady supply of food in Minecraft. This has been possible through many creative ways, including the most complex builds that exploit Redstone's properties.

These projects can sometimes be difficult to tackle and time-consuming. Zaypixel created a video showing how you can get amazing results with very little Redstone. This build will allow you to quickly gather all your crops.

8 The Farmhouse

You might consider incorporating your farms into your home if you don't feel like building a separate farm. The charming, rustic look of this JUNS MAB build gives the house a feeling of a home.

It's also functional, as any crop (or combination of crops – it could be cool to dedicate each layer to different produce), you choose to cultivate will provide an invaluable source for food in the early stages of your game.

7 Quick and Easy Desert Home Ideas

You can make the most of the desert sand if you have limited resources. YouTuber Meg Rae shows you exactly how to accomplish this design. It is extremely fast, even for hardcore survival.

Her instructions are clear and easy to follow so you don't have to wonder what type of blocks to use or where they should be placed. If you want to achieve the exact same result, you should bring some wood from the forest.

6 Fast Winter Cabins

It's difficult to find something so simple, yet natural, but this build by YouTube user FenX Builders is both affordable & quick. The overall aesthetic is in harmony with the surrounding spruce forests. You can always return to the one you have and use it as an hunting hut if you decide to build a larger home in another biome.

This guide is similar to many YouTube Minecraft guides. It is simple to follow. This build's versatility is the best part. You can use it anywhere you want, even without having to have super rare blocks.

5 Overhaul Your Outdoor Area

It is difficult enough to build the perfect base. This can often take days and days in survival worlds. You might feel that the surrounding environment is a bit barren when you look at your completed creation.

Typface, a Youtube user, shows you how to bring life to your garden, yard, or just the outside of your home in this video. Although this guide is quite long, it shows a number of smaller projects that you can do at your own pace.

4 Cool Tips to Make Your Sleeping Look Better

A bed is an essential part of any player's home. You could settle for a simple white bed and call it good, but if you want to spice up your home decor, or your furniture, this video by Typface is the one for you.

Did you know that you could make bunk beds with barrels and trapdoors to create incredibly sturdy bunk beds? Typface is able to create interesting combinations of blocks that are easy in survival mode. Typface shows how Minecraft is built using little-known facts and mechanics that are incredibly enjoyable to explore.

3 Immersive Horse Stable

You will want to travel thousands of blocks at once to see all the new biomes. The 1.18 update to Minecraft's world will make it possible. There is no better way to do this than with a horse. To keep your horse safe from mobs, you might consider giving it a stable to rest in at home.

Typface's quick video guide shows that you only need hay and wood to achieve a great result. This is a great option for resource spending and time investment if you have five minutes to spare.

2 Add a Fountain to Your Town (or Garden)

This beautiful water fountain was originally designed by Minecraft Sekai on YouTube. It is featured in this video.

This style of build can be exhaustingly time-consuming so it is nice to have something entirely made of stone and water.

1 Secret Storage Basement

You can create your own private hideout in Minecraft to store your most valuable belongings. This requires some skill and certain materials. As you move through survival, you will become able to craft more costly block types that can be used to supplement your base.

This survival basement with a secret passage is a great way to save your precious resources. It was designed by Zaypixel. Although this project is quite large, it is not impossible to complete. You can build the foundations and decorate it yourself.