Minecraft Launcher Beta


Minecraft Launcher Beta

We are releasing a new Minecraft Launcher beta we want you to test out! What changes can you expect from this beta? Hopefully none!

At the very least, none. The Launcher app is currently used as a starting point to play Minecraft: Java Edition. But we see a future where it can do so much more! We envision it as the home of future Minecraft games, so we have begun the process of redesigning how the Launcher will look and work.

We have cleaned up the Launcher code to make it more flexible for future changes. We've made many changes that you won't see and you shouldn't notice any differences in the functionality.

We would appreciate your feedback and testing it. Report any bugs here. Please make sure you select the Beta (1.2.#.beta) version when creating a bug report. You are also welcome and encouraged to post your thoughts on our Feedback site.