Minecraft Java Edition 1.14.4


Minecraft Java Edition 1.14.4

1.15 will not only include new features but also quality and performance enhancements.


– Fixed bugs

Performance improvements – A suspicious stew made from poppies now gives night vision instead of speed

– Added /debug reports for more details. This information should be included in bug reports regarding performance.

– Fixed a memory leak

– Camera pivot offset in the first-person has been removed
– Increased chunk loading for high speed travel
– Corrected incorrect Pillager texture

Gamemasters now have the option to use /reload or /forceload
– function-permission-level is a new setting in server.properties that controls which commands functions have access to
Villagers now stock more products

After becoming a Zombie Villager, villagers will be able to recall their gossip.
– Improved performance in Villager pathfinding

– Villagers are now able to work while also stocking the shelves
– The gossip about players who converted a Zombie villager to their favor will continue for longer
– The Realm screen's Player Activity button has been removed
– Villagers wait to stock up until they have trades that require restocking.
– Village sieges are no longer possible on mushroom islands
– Mobs won't be able to find their way through bamboo anymore
Pinged the human


MC-150623: The game crashed while rendering overlay: Unable texture to fit
MC-156389 Game Crashes When Shift + Command + Delete 18 Characters at Once on Anvil
MC-156407 Unobtainable (speed) suspicious stew available from the villagers
MC-156574 – Villager demand values increase/decrease over time
MC-149018 – High idle CPU usage on Server Edition (Minecraft.14 Release)
MC-154271: Rolling shutter issue in MacOS since 1.14.3 PreRelease 2
MC-149880: Villager trades in the wrong book
MC-151282: Villager trade GUI doesn't show correct price on servers if there is high trade demand
MC-156042 – Villager demand does not fall over time if it is not traded with
MC-156349 – Cannot press Enter on Direct Connect
– Fixed debug reports in worlds that have a dot in their names
– Fixed server freeze after Villagers fell into void
MC-145769: Villagers don't close their doors behind them
MC-148613 – Aquatic mobs do not spawn / Fish spawned in buckets count towards the aquatic mob cap again
MC-152908: Everything that happened offline is re-enabled when a player joins a server
MC-153406: Score JSON Component Crash in Items
MC-153749 – Trusting Foxes attack player if self-injured
MC-153852 Concrete powder to delete waterlogged blocks during falling
MC-155711: Functions capable running commands they shouldn't be able (publish, debug …)).
MC-156013 Breaking Blocks “reappear” to the nudge player
MC-136318: Floatable mobs cannot walk in waterlogged blocks

MC-151150 – Entities (Villagers), cause huge lag when trying to pathfind
MC-151376: Villagers aren't pathfinding to their POI; the POI detection range is too small
MC-151810: Mobs don't try to avoid falling damage anymore
MC-154214 – Chunks refuse to unload because of incorrect player ticket additions
MC-155147 Mouse acceleration with the latest 1.14.3 update
MC-155906: Failed to save the debug dump if destination location contains a space
MC-100946 – Bow with mending andraws when drawing XP

MC-113968: Zombies of village seize spawn despite gamerule DoMobSpawning being false
MC-113970: Zombies of village Siege do not spawn centered around a block
MC-134964 – Unexpected error: java.util.NoSuchElementException
MC-142037 – java.lang.NullPointerException: Initializing game
MC-143755: Arbitrary score/selector/NBT Resolution using lectern sans operator rights
MC-143886 – Acacia leaves render unproprly from a far
MC-146289 – Farmer villager don't stop to collect their crops
MC-147844 – Pillagers can't find their way around obstacles & out from water
MC-152094 – End city/end ship generation is sometimes cut at the chunk borders
MC-152636: Killing a Zombie as it turns into a Drowned will give you the loot from a zombie, while also allowing you to convert into a Drowned.
MC-153498 – The Minecraft font does not include the Cyrillic letter DAA
MC-153665: Full villager inventory creates invisible objects
MC-153712 – Java using 100-200% CPU (MacOS)
MC-153766: Rabbits don't need sand/grass to spawn in deserts/tundras
MC-153892 – Mending slows down breaking block
MC-154019: Beacon deactivate sound, not sounds when you break base
MC-154031: Villagers give away all food, if they want it to be shared
MC-154068 – Parrots sometimes disappear when taken from a boat
MC-154201: Trying to trade immediately with a villager closes trading menus for some villagers
MC-154362 Crossbow must reload when mending takes effect
MC-154509 – Bashkir letters OAA and OAA, O, O, O! and O are not included within the Minecraft font
MC-154668: Invalid characters cause the game to crash in jigsaw blocks input when you press enter
MC-154830 All wall signs are made from oak color on maps
MC-155092 – Zombie sieges can happen on mushroom islands
MC-155104: When closing a menu and moving the mouse in that direction, the screen will move in the same direction
MC-155172 – Hostile Wolf AI has been dissolved. Wolves cannot attack their enemies effectively anymore.
MC-155238: Villagers pick up workstations through the wall
MC-155345 – ConcurrentModificationException when a player leaves an active raid
MC-155571 – Silverfish & Endermite spawners not longer functioning